Best IP Booters / Stressers

Todays stresser market is flooded with low quality booters that do not provide the bandwidth promised to the user, in some cases do not send any bandwidth at all.
I have tested almost every booter spending roughly $10-20 per subscription, some work good, others not at all, to make things easier for you guys I’ve created a list of worthy IP booters that won’t scam you for your money.

List of the best IP Stressers of 2019

1) AMP Booter 10-20Gbps Regular, 75-100Gbps VIP, Auto Buy (Bitcoin), Useful Tools, (No daily limits)

2) Str3ssed Booter 8Gbps Regular, 60Gbps VIP, Auto Buy (Bitcoin), (Has daily limits)

3) StressThem 5-10Gbps, 40Gbps VIP, Great Support, Bitcoin, Autobuy, (No daily limits)

4) TS3 Booter 5-10Gbps, 30Gbps VIP, Good Uptime, Autobuy, (No daily limits)

5) Boot 4 Free 1-2Gbps Free Booter, (Has daily limits)